New Issues

For Investors

The term new issue is used to refer to a security that is being sold or marketed to the public for the first time. New Issues are not necessarily newly issued securities and can be offered in several ways such as initial public offering (IPOs), bought deals, private placements (accredited investors only) and for different types of securities.

Chippingham Financial Group proudly has both excellent access and allocation to the new issue marketplace. From blue chip micro cap securities to private placements (accredited investors only.  Speak with a Chippingham Investment Advisor to learn more about taking part in new issues.

For Investment Advisors

Chippingham Financial Group provides our Investment Advisors with an independent, flexible and accessible platform from which to service clients’ needs. Chippingham Financial Group has set up relationships throughout the industry to provide our Investment Advisors and Wealth Managers with excellent access and allocations to new issues.

This includes expressing interest in large syndication deals, private placements, and in deals you can bring to the firm. In addition, under Chippingham Financial Group’s advisor compensation structure, receive all the new issue commission to the grid, up to 100% B-warrants payout, and an opportunity to receive an override and part of any corporate finance fees for deals you bring to the firm.

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The financial market has a variety of investment options to suit each and every type of investor. At Chippingham Financial Group, our advisors will assist you in
developing the perfect plan to satisfy your investment objectives.