Your Partners in Achieving Financial Success

Placing client needs first, we uphold trust and integrity as the guiding values in the way we do our business.
Our clients define our success.

Who We Are

Chippingham Financial Group is a national investment dealer and futures commission merchant advancing client-focused financial services.  We are dedicated to being “Exemplaris in Omnia”; exemplary in all things. We meet our clients’ needs through independent thought and analysis; timely advice and precise execution in securities, commodity futures and private equity markets.  To accomplish this, we have created an environment focused on:

Clients first:  We exist to serve our clients.  Our success will be determined by how well we perform for our clients.

Innovating thinking: We are entrepreneurial, intuitive, curious, inventive and bold.

Teamwork: We are an unmatched collaborative and appreciative team of dedicated professionals contributing their time and expertise for your success. 

Respect & accountability:  We are a national company with many cultures.  We embrace people and perspectives from all over the world. We are ethical and trustworthy with a collective responsibility towards clients, colleagues, communities and shareholders.   

Chippingham’s team of advisors are completely independent and are not encumbered by sales quotas or proprietary owned products. Because of this, clients can rest assured that our advisers provide unbiased advice solely to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

From Coast to Coast, Chippingham is Your Partner in Achieving Your Financial Goals

Our Story

Chippingham was founded in 2012 by Mr. Gary Ng, after he left another national investment dealer where he was one of their top producing investment advisors in Canada. Mr. Gary Ng envisioned creating a unique financial services company based on a “client first” platform to span all of Canada with the goal of eventually expanding beyond Canada and becoming the premier investment dealer serving clients in securities, futures, options, new issues and private wealth.

Mr. Gary Ng partnered with Mr. Sepoy Wong, a respected businessman and investor, and started building his vision of Chippingham, by first purchasing an existing one branch investment dealer located in Toronto. By delivering on Chippingham’s focus of “client first” financial goals, word of mouth brought new members to our team in short order, enabling Chippingham to expand across Canada coast to coast in five different time zones.

While Chippingham expanded its offices, other capabilities were added to serve a wider variety of client requirements. Through partnerships Chippingham has access to all the “super highways” of financial services, including futures speculating and hedge trading, foreign currency exchange, wealth planning, retirement savings, new issue participation and company financing services and consulting.
From novice investors looking to participate in the market for the first time to old pros or experienced CEO’s and investment advisors looking to reach that next level, Chippingham can meet virtually any client’s financial services needs. Chippingham gives clients and investment advisors access to the products and services they need. All these benefits reach clients via trained, licensed, and client focused advisers. Rather than promote advisers based on their production for the firm, Chippingham rewards advisers for serving their clients well.

Chippingham Financial Group was founded by advisers and industry professionals with expertise in financing, wealth management, new issue, stock, futures and options trading. Chippingham has built a strong foundation that gives its team of advisors and clients unmatched access to markets that no other institution in Canada provides.